June is National Safety Month

Injuries are a leading cause of disability for people of all ages – and they are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 to 44. The good news is everyone can get involved to help prevent injuries.

UV Safety Month - Safety starts with me!

During National Safety Month, Safety Smart Gear is working with community members to help reduce the risk of injuries. This June, we encourage you to learn more about important safety issues like prescription painkiller abuse, transportation safety, and slips, trips, and falls.

Prescription painkiller abuse: Prescription painkiller overdoses are a growing problem in the United States, especially among women. About 18 women die every day from a prescription painkiller overdose – more than 4 times as many as back in 1999.

Transportation safety: Doing other activities while driving – like texting or eating – distracts you and increases your chance of crashing. Almost 1 in 5 crashes (17%) that injured someone involved distracted driving.

Slips, trips, and falls: One in 4 older adults falls each year. Many falls lead to broken bones and other health problems.

You can make a difference. Find out ways to help reduce the risk of these safety issues.

Safety Smart Gear would like to remind you… Be Safe, Be Seen, Be Smart!


FallTech Yellow

The Journeyman high end construction grade body harness from FallTech is the most popular because of the incredible combination of comfort and durability.  This group of fall protection body wear is Made in the USA by FallTech, and they’re recognized by the yellow color of the belts.  With belted construction and 19 different styles to choose from, it’s one of the best selling harnesses available.

Check out more FallTech gear at Safety Smart Gear Fall Protection

Safety Smart Gear Introduces ML Kishigo Line of Premium Safety Products

Always presenting the best, Safety Smart Gear carefully selects all its product lines with a strict criteria that our valued customer base has come to trust.  Focusing on quality, comfort and innovation, Safety Smart Gear is proud to partner with ML Kishigo, USA’s premium safety clothing manufacturer.

Founded in California, for the past 40 years, ML Kishigo has been making garments right here in the USA.  Engineered by their own design team, high quality custom vests and FR products are produced in their Santa Ana, California factory.  The stock line of products are carefully sourced to meet the stringent quality and attention to detail expected of every ML Kishigo product.

We have the full line of hi-viz  shirts, vests, jackets, FR gear, rainwear, pants, gaiters, ladies fitted garments and more from ML Kishigo.  As we roll out the product line, all the items may not be visible in the online store yet.  For your convenience, we’ve included a link to the full line catalog on the web site, simply contact our sales & customer support team to make your purchase.  If you don’t see the specific product you are looking for in our online store at safetysmartgear.com, then please contact our sales & customer support team to help you with your selection.

Customer Support:  1-877-999-4847

Email:  support@safetysmartgear.com

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Serious Accident Alert

An electrician was replacing a blown fuse by hand.  The circuit had residual stored energy which caused the electricity to pass through his hand and exit through his calf which was in contact with the bottom of the cabinet.
Best Practices
  • Lock out / Tag out electrically powered equipment.
  • Test for stored electrical power and ground high-voltage circuits if possible.
  • Utilize proper electrically rated personal protective equipment (i.e. Fuse pullers, hot gloves).
  • Utilize properly sized and rated fuses in electrical equipment.
  • Use insulated mats or other electrically non-conductive materials at switches.
  • Only trained and authorized persons should work on electrically powered equipment.

Fall Protection Made in USA

falltech_logoSafety Smart Gear is proud to announce its NEW line of fall harnesses, lanyards, anchors and accessories made in USA by FallTech.  After a lengthy selection process, only three fall protection manufacturers even made it to the final rounds.  SSG has chosen FallTech as its premier manufacturer of fall arrest systems because of its solid dedication to quality control, commitment to the industry and to its end users.  When asked about FallTech, “We are very pleased with our relationship with them, they’ve stepped up, and they are bringing the most critical of safety products to market with U.S. manufacturing,” said Al DiGregorio, owner and CEO at Safety Smart Gear.  Over 85% of all the products are made in their factory in California.falltechimage_lHeadquartered in Compton, CA and marketed globally, FallTech is staffed with engineers, product developers and experts dedicated solely to the design, testing and manufacturing of fall protection products.  For over twenty years, FallTech has been outfitting people when they are exposed to fall hazards at work and tackling fall protection problems the way they happen in real life…one worker at a time.personal-fall-protection-clip

NEW EN-388 2016 Glove Safety Standard

The new EN 388 standard is here and it will introduce two new protection level indicators. Many manufacturers will immediately begin using new testing and labeling.   EN 388 currently has a four digit code, and the new standard expands this to a six digit code.  The new characters will indicate the TDM-100 test results and the new Impact Protection Test.

Download your free guide to the new standard hereen-388-2016_new-6-digit-standard

Our downloadable PDF document explains the two cut protection tests and the new impact test to be used by manufacturers, as well as the new labeling that you will begin to see on cut protection gloves.



Safety Gloves Update for 2016 Standards

An important update to EN 388 “Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risk” is on the way from the European Committee for Standardization.  The 2016 Update will introduce a new cut test method and will provide greater precision for choosing your correct level of hand protection.

Dupont Kevlar has published a free guide that helps explain it all.  Use the guide to determine whether or not the level of protection you are currently using will stay the same or if it will change according to the new EN 388-2016 standard.

Use the guide when ordering your safety gloves online.

Click here to:  Download Free EN 388 Cut Standard Guide


ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Standard Updates

We have been getting a lot of questions about the new ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Standard updates.  Our friends at National Safety Apparel helped us put together this list of key points for you.

ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Standard Updates were approved by ANSI Feb 1, 2016. The new standard is available for download on the ISEA website. It combines the ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard and the ANSI/ISEA 207 standards into one.

5 Key things to Note

1. Current ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and ANSI/ISEA 207-2011 garments are still acceptable and compliant.

•    There is no requirement to change any of your existing garments. This standard offers enhancements and clarification that will evolve High Visibility over the coming years.

2. New Garment HVSA Types added to Class Definitions

•    Type O = Off Road – Non Roadway
•    Type R = Roadway
•    Type P = Public Safety (ANSI 207 merged)

NEW HVSA Class Definitions
•    Type O – Class 1O
•    Type R – Class 2R and Class 3R
•    Type P – Class 2P and Class 3P
•    Type Supplemental – Class E

3. Smallest Size Garments Type R

•    Small size workers wearing oversize garments can be a safety hazard. While NSA has always offered Small sizes we are pleased the standard now allows for less background material required for the “smallest” size for both ROADWAY type Classes.

Smallest size garment may have LESS background material
•    Class 2R = 540 instead of 775 square inches
•    Class 3R = 1000 instead of 1240 square inches

4. Non FR labeling Now Required

•    “This garment is non flame resistant as defined by ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Section 10.5”
•     Garments not tested to meet Flame Resistant performance criteria of standards listed in ANSI are required to have Non FR labelling.  ASTM D6413 and NFPA 701 are NOT accepted as they allow fabrics that melt and drip.

5. Balanced Design including Logo Allowances

•    Front & Back of garments now required to have no less than 40% of the minimum required background material and reflective.
•    Logos of non ANSI compliant materials will not cover more than 72 square inches of the background material, no more than 22 square inches of reflective material, and will not make a break in the Horizontal reflective greater than 1.97 inches. *Example of 72 square inches is a 2”x4” logo on the front chest and an 8”x8” logo on the back.

Polarized Safety Glasses

Polarized Safety Glasses

Did you know your search for wholesale prices on Polarized Safety Glasses led you to the best online source available? Yep, Safety Smart Gear is now offering top brand name glasses at a discount by the box. So, if you need Polarized Safety Glasses for work at home, on the job or for your whole crew… get them in bulk at a cost you can feel good about.

Wholesale Work Gloves by the Case

Did You know Buying Wholesale Work Gloves by the Case Will Save Big Money?

Safety Smart Gear offers work gloves by the case from top brand manufacturers that you trust and respect. You will find leather work gloves, Nitrile dipped gloves, driving gloves, FR gloves, cut resistant gloves, chemical gloves and fingerless technical gloves to meet your on-the-job needs. While you can still get many types of hand protection as single pair at Safety Smart Gear, the real savings is ordering boxes of 12 pair or cases of 72 pair. Visit the Safety Gloves category to find exactly the type you need for work or playing hard!

Work Gloves for Hand Safety

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