Safety Gloves Update for 2016 Standards

An important update to EN 388 “Protective Gloves Against Mechanical Risk” is on the way from the European Committee for Standardization.  The 2016 Update will introduce a new cut test method and will provide greater precision for choosing your correct level of hand protection.

Dupont Kevlar has published a free guide that helps explain it all.  Use the guide to determine whether or not the level of protection you are currently using will stay the same or if it will change according to the new EN 388-2016 standard.

Use the guide when ordering your safety gloves online.

Click here to:  Download Free EN 388 Cut Standard Guide



About Safety Smart Gear

Safety Smart Gear is a distributor of Safety Vests, Reflective Clothing, High Visibility Rain Gear, High Visibility T-Shirts and Flame Resistant Workwear. Our goal is to always be “cutting edge” in every sense of the phrase to our customers. Our extensive knowledge base along with both foreign and domestic industry leader partnerships enable us to provide a diverse, value driven, product line of the highest quality together with a friendly customer support experience. We supply a diverse line of industrial safety equipment, flame resistant clothing, safety glasses, rain gear and high visibility apparel throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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