Alpha Workwear – Visibility in the Dark

Illuminating Safety Clothing


Glow in the Dark Safety Clothing

Check out this new technology for safety clothing that allows you to see workers in the dark.


This is really an exciting technological breakthrough for safety clothing that will save more lives and prevent injuries in low light or zero light environments or situations.

These safety clothing products are from a new brand called Alpha Workwear and feature Vizlite DT, a dual technology tape that gives the wearer of these garments a third level of safety protection.


What is the Alpha Workwear Dual Technology and how does it work?


Alpha Workwear Available at Safety Smart Gear

Alpha Workwear products by Viz Reflectives NA feature 360 degree of visibility not seen in safety clothing before.

Three levels of protection: 1. Fluorescence, 2. Retro-reflectivity and 3. Phosphorescence.

With high visibility neon colors and retro-reflectivity tape (reflects from headlights) you get industry standard protection in the daylight but now with Vizlite DT Dual Technology tape sewn into the garments you get Illuminating Safety Clothing (glowing) in low or no light environments or situations. No batteries needed as it is charged in the daylight or by artificial light in just minutes with the charge lasting for several hours.

You can order Alpha Workwear at Safety Smart Gear


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