Married to Hi Vis

Wedding Dress 2

Would you believe that the first hi vis garment was a wedding dress?

The co-creator of high visibility fluorescent paint first put it to use on a garment using his wife’s wedding dress. Bob Switzer suffered an accident that damaged his vision in 1930 and, with the shared interest of his brother Joe, began experimenting with fluorescent chemicals to pass the time.

Fluorescence was something he could see clearly while following doctor’s orders to recover in the dark.

The pastime became a passion and the Switzer Brothers eventually founded what is now the world’s largest and most renown manufacturer of fluorescent pigments in the world, Day-Glo® Corporation.

While the immediate benefit of hi vis clothing and products was seen in World War II, saving soldiers from friendly fire, it is commonly used today in all areas of occupational safety.

Originating with what was probably history’s brightest wedding dress, High Visibility clothing now outfits workers all over the world, identifying them as people in hazardous work conditions such as inclement weather.

Kind of puts the “I Do” in wearing PPE!


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