Fleecy Notions


This weekend was especially cold in New England, with the preceding week boasting school delays due to sub-zero wind chill factors.

I awoke to a proud start Saturday morning, patting myself on the back for my awesome find the previous weekend—a designer jacket for 90% off!

I would run errands in style, protected from the elements and sporting a smile as my best accessory.

My celebratory pat on the back ended sooner than I would have liked; Scraping the ice off my Nissan Rogue, a giant chunk of snow befell me, landing right on the new seams of my coat. No worries, I thought. This brand new designer label had me covered.

Um . . . not so much.

Maybe it is because I work in an industry that focuses on quality protective apparel, or perhaps it is because I am so picky and value quality enough to be irritated when things don’t perform as promised or expected, but that snow chunk seeped through the lining of my new jacket and drenched me with icy aggravation.

“I need to get one of those 3-in-1 Bombers”, I thought.

At work, I deal with customers who are out in the elements all day and very particular about their attire. Here I was, having a slight tantrum because some snow got on my jacket.

I realized that I have been influenced by my customers’ standards and didn’t even know it. What is the point of a label if it is not backed by quality? I imagined my annoyance if this had happened and my entire day was spent in the cold, rather than the two minutes it took to clean off my car.

It is not too much to expect—and even demand quality apparel, to refuse to be uncomfortable or vulnerable to the elements without paying a fortune. I empathize more and more each day with our customers’ refusal to settle for anything less than quality at affordable prices and the New England weather only reaffirms my conviction.

I am proud to work at an organization that offers its customers the best of both worlds and, even though I am in Marketing, you might just see me sporting Hi Vis yellow on my next trip to the grocery store!


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